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Project David - Ambassadors for Nature

Mural of Graffiti writer @SEF from Peru

I have known for a long time that nature gives us life and keeps us alive, and that the (primeval) forest is the green lung of the planet. But it was only about a decade ago that I really became aware of it with all my senses. In a time when my soul had reached a deepest point, my heart was broken, my will to live weak. Then the trees in the forest brought me back to life. Like an addict, I ran into the forest every day, because it seemed to be the only place I could find peace in. So I went into the forest every day for hours. And every day I came out a little lighter and braver.

Since that time, I've been trying to give something in return. I don't know if I can save mother nature, or any part of her, the way she saved me. Yet if I wouldn't have at least tried, I couldn't look at myself in the mirror.

With Project David I want to connect people who, like me, want to do their part to protect nature. I believe that all people have a special connection to nature. Humans belong to nature. Artists, farmers, conservationists, inventors and environmental activists, they all express their love for nature in their own special way.

For Project David, two special artists were selected as ambassadors. On the one hand, in admiration for his works and hoping that Project David would have pleased him a little, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The unconventional artist, who worked all over the world, tried all his life to get people and nature in harmony. He did not only deal with the nature of being human on canvas, but also in architecture and has left his mark in many cities around the world. Like in Darmstadt with the forest spiral. A building whose walls are modelled on the layers of earth, with a green inner courtyard and roof planting.

Waldspirale Darmstadt, Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Hundertwasser wanted to introduce the "window right" and the "tree duty": the right of a person to design the house facades he lives in himself by an arm's length around the windows of his flat. And the obligation to take up a tree in one's own living space, which would provide for CO2 compensation. Hundertwasser also considered graffiti on public toilets to be a basic human right.

And this brings me to our second ambassador: Sef from Peru! A graffiti artist who is also engaged worldwide and has perfected his art. In doing so he sticks to the beauty of nature. His designs - often photos of his friends' children that Sef sprays on walls in oversized dimensions- are not "photoshopped" or artificially adjusted to beauty ideals.

Sef's graffiti art is internationally acknowledged.

Sef is a passionate lover of people and nature. He uses his art to show us that.

Project David shows the works of my graffiti brothers and sisters and spreads thoughts of nature protection into the world. I am happy to be the ambassador of this humanitarian action. A big hug to all Davids from Peru!
Sef at work.

These are our ambassadors. Who else belongs to Project David? First and foremost five wonderful international graffiti artists who created t-shirt designs for us. You can find all shirts and their designers in 'Stories of Nature' in the shop. For each design we have chosen an environmental organisation that has a proven positive and important impact on our planet. The selected environmental organisation will receive 2€ per t-shirt from the sales proceeds of "their design".

And here they are:

1. Africa GreenTec

2. Stiftung Lebensraum

3. Umweltfestival Wiesbaden

4. POEMAdeutschland

5. The Ocean Cleanup

*The Story Store has carefully selected these organizations to showcase a colorful mix of innovative, long-term environmental projects. The organisations are not obliged to give anything in return.

In future we will tell you more about these organisations and their great work and impact.

Let's be Davids - together!

:-) Kristine

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